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Rae Armantrout has published six books of poetry—Extremities, The Invention of Hunger, Precedence, Necromance, & Made to Seem. Her poems have appeared in numerous influetial magazines (from This and Temblor to Iowa Review and The Los Angeles Times Book Review) as well as anthologies such as In the American Tree (ed. Ron Silliman, National Poetry Foundation, 1986) and 'Language' Poetries (ed. Douglas Messerli, New Directions, 1987). Armantrout's work has been translated into Italian, Russian, Spanish, and French. Couverture, a book of her selected poems, translated by Denis Dormoy, was published in France in 1991. Rae Armantrout has taught writing at the University of California since 1981. She lives in San Diego.

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Rae Armantrout
ISBN 1-891190-03-2
63 pages