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Atelos Catalogue


  1. Jean Day, The Literal World

  2. Barrett Watten, Bad History

  3. Rae Armantrout, True

  4. Pamela Lu, Pamela: A Novel

  5. Lytle Shaw, Cable Factory 20

  6. Leslie Scalapino, R-hu

  7. Hung Q. Tu, Versimilitude

  8. Clark Coolidge, Alien Tatters

  9. Jalal Toufic, Forthcoming

10. Carla Harryman, Gardener of Stars

11. M. Mara-Ann, lighthouse

12. Kathy Lou Schultz, Some Vague Wife

13. Kit Robinson, The Crave

14. Brian Kim Stefans, Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics

15. Rodrigo Toscano, Platform

16. Fanny Howe, Tis of Thee

17. Lohren Green, Poetical Dictionary

18. Tan Lin, BlipSoak01

19. Ted Greenwald, The Up and Up

20. Murray Edmond, Noh Business

21. Steve Benson, Open Clothes

22. Taylor Brady, Occupational Treatment

23. Ed Roberson, City Eclogue

24. Laura Moriarty, Ultra Violeta

25. Jocelyn Saidenberg, Negativity


26. Juliana Spahr, The Transformation

27. Tom Mandel, To the Cognoscenti

28. Craig Dworkin, Parse

29. Edwin Torres, PoPedology of an Ambient Language

30. Patrick Durgin & Jen Hofer The Route

31. Renee Gladman, To After That (TOAF)

32. Erik J.M. Schneider, One Last Ditch

33. Tyrone Williams, Howell

34. Mikhail Epstein, PreDictionary

35. Brent Cunningham, Journey to the Sun

36. Tim Wood, Notched Sunsets

37. Ted Pearson, The Coffin Nail Blues

38. Sara Larsen, Merry Hell

39. Katy Lederer, The bright red horse—and the blue—

40. Jennifer Scappettone, The Republic of Exit 43

41. Roberto Harrison, Yaviza

42. Rob Halpern, Weak Link

43. Brandon Brown, Work