Book Twenty-Six

The Transformation

Juliana Spahr

ISBN: 1-891190-26-1
Publication: 2007
Pages: 223

Juliana Spahr has lived in many places, including Chillicothe (Ohio), Buffalo (New York), Honolulu (Hawaii), and Brooklyn (New York). She has absorbed, participated in, and been transformed by the politics and ecologies of each. This book is about that process. Among her previous works is This Connection of Everyone with Lungs (University of California, 2005), a collection of poems that she wrote from November 30, 2002 to March 30, 2003 that chronicle the buildup to the latest US invasion of Iraq.
Also by Juliana Spahr: This Connection of Everything with Lungs (University of California, 2005), Gentle Now, Don't Add to Heartache (Subpress Self-Publish or Perish, 2004), Things of Each Possible Relation Hashing Against One Another (Palm Press, 2003), 2199 Kalia Road (with Candace Ah Nee; Subpress Self-Publish or Perish, 2003), Unnamed Dragonfly Species (Subpress Self-Publish or Perish, 2002), Dole Street (Subpress Self-Publish or Perish, 2001), Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You (Wesleyan University Press, 2001), Everybody's Autonomy: Connective Reading and Collective Identity (University of Alabama Press, 2001), Live (Duration Press, 2000), Some of We and the Land that Was Never Ours (Subpress Self-Publish or Perish, 1999), Spiderwasp or Literary Criticism (Explosiv Books, 1998), Response (Sun & Moon Press, 1996), Nuclear (Leave Books, 1994).

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